About Us

Feed Mix, LLC is located at 414 7th St. West in Harvey, N.D. The feed plant was previously owned and operated by Arthur Companies. Alden Hollenbeck and his wife, Kim Hollenbeck, purchased the plant in the spring of 2012.

After purchasing the feed plant, many improvements were made to make the plant more efficient. The most noticeable improvement is the computer system which controls inventory, manufacturing of product, and records sales of all feed produced with just a few clicks of the mouse. Inventory control encompasses logging the identification and amount of all incoming ingredients, the ingredient amount used in formulations, and the amount of finished feed sold. This is necessary for the traceability of ingredients and finished product. The mixer, augers, and legs all turn on automatically, and feed ingredients are weighed out to the pound. A micro-scale is used to weigh small quantities of ingredients such as vitamins and probiotics to 1/10 of a pound. Customers' history is stored in the computer as well, so Feed Mix employees can look back to see what feed was made, on what day, and which ingredients were used.

The next noticeable improvement to the feed plant is the addition of the pellet mill. The pellet mill is a CPM 202 model with a 250-horsepower motor. The pellet mill became fully operational the summer of 2014. A state-of-the-art counter flow pellet cooler was also added to insure properly cooled and dried pellets. This enhances pellet life and quality. Feed in a pelleted form enhances the value of the feed. Livestock can no longer sort through the feed, resulting in less waste and insuring all nutrients are ingested.

The Feed Mix Team

Alden Hollenbeck, Owner

Alden has been working in the feed industry for 28 years. Over the years, he's worked for Moorman's Manufacturing, Sunprairie Grain, a division of CHS, and as an independent feed consultant. Through this experience, he has had the opportunity to work with many customers and many types of livestock. He has an extensive network of colleagues and other professionals he consults with.

Kenya Duchsherer, Manager

Kenya started at Feed Mix in 2012 when she interned for college credit. After graduation in 2013, she came back as a full-time employee. Kenya grew up on a farm and ranch and is still an active member of the family operation. She is familiar with raising and feeding livestock. Kenya has a bachelor's degree in animal science which she obtained from North Dakota State University.

Sean Palmer, Plant Operations

Luke Hollenbeck, Assistant Manager

Myron Stolt, Pellet Mill Operator

Paul Axtmann, Truck Driver

Weston Grade, Truck Driver